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Electripedia - InvaSizer


This calculator will help you in sizing your required inverter. Simply follow the below steps to estimate your total load (in VA) that you want to be supported by the inverter. Next, select inverter of nearest available capacity (in VA). 

STEP 1. Enter the number of each type of inverter load in the Qty boxes below. 

STEP 2. Click the CALCULATE button at the bottom.


Fans Computers Coolers
Ceiling Fans: Qty:  PCs with 17" LCD: Qty:  Cooler (Kit): Qty: 
Table Fans: Qty:  PCs with 21" LCD: Qty:  Cooler with Exhaust 24: Qty: 
Lights Laptops: Qty:  A/Cs
40 W Bulbs: Qty:  Printers 0.75 TR Window: Qty: 
60 W Bulbs: Qty:  132 Col Dot Matrix: Qty:  1 TR Window: Qty: 
100 W Bulbs: Qty:  80 Col Dot Matrix: Qty:  1.5 TR Window: Qty: 
11 W CFLs: Qty:  Inkjets (Small): Qty:  2 TR Window: Qty: 
18 W CFLs: Qty:  Inkjets (Big): Qty:  1 TR Split: Qty: 
22 W CFLs: Qty:  Deskjets: Qty:  2 TR Split: Qty: 
40 W Tubelights: Qty:  Laserjets (Small): Qty:  3 TR Split: Qty: 
TV Laserjets (Big): Qty:  Refrigerator
Small (14"): Qty:  Home Office 165 L: Qty: 
Large (21"): Qty:  Wireless Router: Qty:  Frost Free 480 L: Qty: 
20" LCD: Qty:  Projector: Qty:  Non Frost Free 360 L: Qty: 
27" LCD: Qty:  Scanner (Small): Qty:  Side by Side 560 L: Qty: 
32" LCD: Qty:  Scanner (Big): Qty:  Kitchen
37" LCD: Qty:  Fax Machine: Qty:  Mixer and Grinder: Qty: 
42" LCD: Qty:  Photocopier (Small): Qty:  Bathroom
42" Plasma: Qty:  Audio System 1000 W Water Heater/Geyser: Qty: 



Music System: Qty:   2000 W Water Heater/Geyser: Qty: 
 Total Inverter Load: