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Exide Tube Master

Exide Tube Master

Rs. 10,890.00

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Very low maintenance: Special hybrid alloy system.

High reliability and extended cycle life: Ribbed free polyethylene pocket type separator along with texturised glass mat - double-clad separation protects the design against internal short.

Thickplate construction with special paste formulation.

Hybrid alloy system for withstanding high ambient operating conditions as prevalent in India.

Easy maintenance: Float/Float Guide to indicate electrolyte level. Bolted type terminals fitted with shroud for easy connection .

Instant state-of-charge indication: Magic Eye enables instant state-of-charge indication without having to open the plugs .

Clean top with no surface leakage and fumes: Side vented designfitted with micro porous filter disc.

Ready for commissioning: Factory-charged.

TM500 150 Inverter / Home UPS