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Sollatek Voltright A/C-Stab

Sollatek Voltright A/C-Stab

Rs. 2,099.00

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Protection against

  1. Low voltage
  2. High voltage
  3. Spikes/surges
  4. Power-back surges
  5. Overload

The A/C-Stab L Voltage Stabiliser protects your Air Conditioner from low voltage, high voltage as well as spikes/surges and power fluctuations. The unique and attractive design makes it the perfect choice for the modern Indian.

A/C-Stab 120L up to 1.5ton Air Conditioner
A/C-Stab 150L up to 2ton Air Conditioner
Microprocessor Controlled
Wall Mount
Working Range 155V – 270V
Current Rating 12amp or 15amp
Spike Discharge 6kA
Spike Protection 190joules
Intelligent Time Delay 3mins
Circuit Breaker