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Luminous Cruze

Luminous Cruze

Rs. 9,499.00

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Cruze 2 KVA is a pure sine wave Home UPS, Lower change over time and heavy transformer makes it suitable for running

  • High over-load handling capacity
  • Installation and maintenance friendly
  • Eco friendly: Say no to fumes, noise and pollution
  • No user- action required: Automatic Start
Model 2KVA 3.5KVA 5.2KVA 5.5KVA 7.5KVA 10KVA
Capacity 2500VA/36V 3500VA/48V 5200VA/72V 5500VA/96V 7500VA/120V 10000VA/180V
Voltage 100-285V 100-285V 140-280V 140-280V 140-280V 140-280V
Frequency Range 50Hz±0.5% 50Hz±0.5% 50Hz±0.5% 50Hz±0.5% 50Hz±0.5% 50Hz±0.5%
Max. Bulb Load 2000 Watt 2800 Watt 4000 Watt 4200 Watt 6000 Watt 8000 Watt
Maximum Charging Current 21A 21A 21A 12A 12A 12A
Gross Weight (Kg.) 23.00 31.90 44.50 75.20 80 123.8
Dimension LxWxH (cm) 28X30.5X28 28x30.5x38 28x36.5x38 58.8X34.1X34.7 60x35x36 62.5x34.5x51
Protection Overload, short-circuit, Battery deep discharge protection & Battery reverse polarity protection