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Sollatek Voltright Fridge-Stab

Rs. 999.00

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Protection against

  1. Low voltage
  2. High voltage
  3. Spikes/surges
  4. Power-back surges

The Fridge-Stab Voltage Stabiliser protects and maximises cooling efficiency of your fridge/freezer by boosting low voltage and decreasing high voltage

FRIDGE-STAB 280M Refrigerator up to 280Litres capacity
FRIDGE-STAB 450M Refrigerator up to 450Litres capacity
Microprocessor Controlled
Working Range 130V – 290V
Input Voltage Range @Output 200V – 240V 173V – 279V
Current Rating up to 2amp
Spike Discharge 4.5kA
Spike Protection 140joules
TimesSave 3mins
Circuit Breaker